World Tour Power Pow Wow Tee

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This tee was designed by Sean Vosq (Luiseño), the owner of Vosq Clothing Co.

The artist explains the design: "This particular shirt design inspiration came while I was listening to The Black Keys and texting my homeboy Tim (2oolman) Hill from A Tribe Called Red about his upcoming tour schedule, and I began kicking around the idea of how cool it would be to design a concert tee around a worldwide powwow tour.

I am continually inspired by other SoCal artists and locals, who each share a natural creative expression that could only from from being in a place as enriching as Southern California, which has become a melting pot of countercultures like skate, surf, punk, and hip-hop."

  • Hot Pink and White on Black
  • Unisex sizing
  • Vosq Co specializes in Quality Clothing by Native America, that Empowers People through Creativity & Perspective.

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    by Sean Vosq (Luiseño)