Otter Tee

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This tee was designed by Nicole Tomlin and features an elaborate design of an otter in hues of white and grey on a navy t-shirt.

"Nicole ndezhnekas. Bodéwadmi ndaw. Wasi Ndodem

My name is Nicole. I am Forest County Potawatomi and a member of the Bullhead Clan. I reside on the Stone Lake reservation in northern Wisconsin. I try to incorporate our old floral designs in new and exciting ways. I have found reconnection and acceptance through my art, to which I owe so much.

I made this design in honor of my Otter Clan relatives, who are deep, beautiful, and resilient." | @midwestindigenous

  • White color on dark navy tee
  • Unisex sizing (See Size Chart)
  • Ships from US
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