Wolf & Moon Tee

$20.00 On Sale

This tee was designed by Crystal Worl. Along with her brother Rico, this family team creates a variety of cool items from playing cards, to basketballs, athletic wear, jewelry, home goods and more, for their brand Trickster Company.

They explain, "We focus on Northwest Coast art and explore themes and issues in Native culture and strive to represent a prestigious lineage of art in fresh and energetic ways as a celebration of Northwest Coast culture as it lives today. We are active advocates of diversity in community and work to promote diversity in civic engagement. We hope to provide products that act as cultural objects in which modern indigenous people can represent their heritage, create products that non-native people can wear and appreciate without appropriating via cultural exchange, and to represent modern indigenous lifestyle to a broader audience."

trickstercompany.com | Instagram @trickstercompany

  • Dark Grey on Pink
  • Unisex sizing
  • Ships from US
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