Rally Tee

$32.00 USD

This tee was designed by Mohawk artist Roger 'Sosakete' Perkins.

Sitting Bull, a great Lakota war chief who defeated Custer, is often depicted on Native-made t-shirts as a symbol unifying individuals who fight for Native American rights, especially those issues associated with land rights.

Through creative acts of subversion, designers like Perkins inscribe the all-American t-shirt with images of historical Native American heroes and contemporary political messages. They reference the great warriors and chiefs of the late 1800s – those who represent the time just before the great assimilation assault that occurred at the Indian Boarding Schools. Artists invoke these leaders as a means to visually draw and connect our contemporary Native existence with that of our anthropologically well-documented past. These historic heroes and events continue to influence the everyday lives of Native people. The battles fought then continue to be waged – in the courts and on the streets.

  • Yellow on dark grey tee
  • Unisex sizing (See Size Chart)
  • Ships from US
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    by Roger Perkins (Mohawk)