Five Seas Shoulder Bag

$42.00 USD

NOTE: Please allow 2-3 weeks for US delivery, and 4 weeks for delivery to Canada. This item can only be shipped to the US and Canada at this time.

This large durable tote is designed by Tessa Sayers (Turtle Mountain Chippewa).

With a cheeky play on words, the Five Seas Collection highlights the five concepts of capableness, courage, connection, compassion, and calmness. When telling ourselves we are capable of doing hard things, we have the courage to step outside our comfort zone. Through connecting to our inner narrative and needs, we can cultivate compassion for any and all emotions that arise and mistakes made along the way. Trust builds within ourselves and brings forth a calmness and reassurance that we can brave any experience we desire to chase. May this collection remind you to implement the five C's when facing new ventures. Let them be your navigational tools for journeying into the uncharted waters of life.

The Five Seas introduces a main floral with five petals representing the five C's; capableness, courage, connection, compassion, and calmness. The color palette ties back to the various hues found in ocean landscapes and five columns that represent each of the C's. Flower shapes tie back to Chippewa woodland floral design.

This shoulder bag is not only sturdy but large enough to hold all your precious belongings for a day out on the town. It measures 24"x13". Poly Poplin with nonwoven laminate inside, cotton web strap. This item ships from the US.

  • Poly-Poplin
  • 24"x13"
  • Original design and pattern
  • by Tessa Sayers (Turtle Mountain Chippewa)