The Beyond Buckskin Boutique is a Native American-owned and operated business specializing in Native-made fashion, jewelry, and accessories. We work with over 40 individual Native American artists and designers throughout the US and Canada to help promote and sell their work. We seek out the brightest artists and the best items. We also offer high quality items that you can’t find through large retailers.

We meticulously research our artists and make our selections based upon creativity, originality, and quality. We pride ourselves in seeking out the next great product, or the next great designer. We also establish unique and strong relationships with each of the artists. We work with them to sell exclusive items that are not readily available at similar shops.

Through our wholesale options, we can help you diversify your store’s selections and become a store that invests in and supports established and emerging Native artists and designers. In our overall mission, we want to encourage more people to buy Native-made products to promote economic development in the US and Canada and in our Native communities.

We carry the largest variety of Native-made fashion items, so let us help you expand your store’s options, increase your sales, and get ahead of your competition. We are constantly adding new artists to our roster, and new items will be available first to our established wholesale buyers. Select from our top sellers and regional favorites to build a selection that reflects the diversity of Native tribes in ready-to-wear fashion and accessories that will be popular for people of all backgrounds and ages. Our items bring traditional Native American art forms and historical knowledge to contemporary fashion. 

In our information packet, you will find the current options available for wholesale purchase, along with descriptions, artist names, prices, quantities, and other relevant information. Please email us using the contact link below so we can work together to bring Native-made fashion to more people worldwide.

Jessica R. Metcalfe
Turtle Mountain Chippewa
Beyond Buckskin Boutique