Sunshine Flower Fringe Beaded Bag

$400.00 USD

This stunning bag features two exquisitely beaded yellow flowers overlapping one another. The large flowers measure over 4" wide and overlap beautifully for a wonderful multidimensional look. The bag is made of soft hide and measures 6" wide by 7" with 8" long twisted fringe.

The flap closure is edged with yellow and green, and the interior is lined with white felt. The strap is also edged, and measures 36" long for the perfect over the shoulder accessory. On each side, additional 10" elegantly twisted fringes are accented with brass metal beads, and pony beads in white, yellow, translucent yellow, and translucent green. Absolutely stunning. One of a kind. This item ships from the US.

  • 6" x 7" Bag
  • 36" Strap
  • Hand Beaded
  • Fringe Accents

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