Little Spirit Dentalium Shell Necklace

$45.00 USD - $70.00 USD

These popular and beautiful necklaces feature two layers of glamorous faceted beads interspersed with dentalium shells. Prior to European contact, dentalium shells were used as currency in inter-tribal exchange networks, and many Native American women proudly wore dentalium jewelry to display the wealth and status of their families.

This necklace blends the natural imperfections of shells with the sparkle of faceted beads. Through the meanings that the shells hold, we hope to share our traditions with the world: we decorate the body beautifully to please the spirit world and to walk in beauty and harmony with the environment around us.

Finished with soft deerskin lace straps, the necklace is adjustable, and looks great as a shorter choker or décolletage necklace as well as for a longer layered look.

This item ships from the US.

  • Adjustable 14"-22" necklace
  • Fire polished faceted glass beads
  • Handmade

  • by Jessica R. Metcalfe (Turtle Mountain Chippewa)