Chizhii Tee

$28.00 USD

This tee by Carrie Wood features a popular Navajo word remixed with couture fashion logo.

“The Diné word “ch’izhii” has multiple meanings, it can mean rough or dry, and it also is interpreted to mean tough, resilient or rugged. I thought the juxtaposition of the word ch’izhii combined with a luxury logo was a fun way to represent my culture and also relatable to many people since a lot of us love being bougie Natives but are also ch’izhii.”

Carrie Wood (Diné) resides in Santa Fe, NM. She uses fashion design and sewing as a creative outlet.

  • White on Black tee
  • Unisex sizing (See Size Chart)
  • 100% Cotton
  • Ships from US
  • by Carrie Wood (Navajo)