Black Rainbow Shell Earrings (Four Corners)

$50.00 USD

For these large earrings, we take a glimpse of the history, and continued practice, of shell adornment.

"Regalia means wealth, but not the Wall Street wealth of today," explained Julian Lang (Karuk). "Instead we mean a wealth that is of the 'other world,' the spirit world. ... It is through the stories that we learn whether certain wealth is of the air, the water, the earth or fire."

Mother of Pearl is an inner shell layer that is much like women of today: strong, resilient, radiant, and prismatic. It comes from one of the most ancient lineages of shells. These black rainbow shell earrings can be appreciated for their lighter curved inside hues, or their darker, more robust outer hues. Each glimmers in the light magnificently.

The bold earrings hang over 2.5" long and measure over 1.5" wide. This item ships from the US.

PS: for a lighter weight version, check out the Full Circle option instead.

  • Handmade
  • 2.75" long
  • Stud Earrings
  • by Jessica R. Metcalfe (Turtle Mountain Chippewa)