Arrowhead Necklace (Obsidian with Gold)


These necklaces were made by Beyond Buckskin owner Jessica R. Metcalfe (Turtle Mountain Chippewa) and feature arrowheads made of obsidian.

These necklaces honor the tradition of hunting. My dad, sister, and brother-in-law are avid deer hunters - taking great care and focus in finding their one suitable deer to unite with. With bowhunting especially, you can sit for hours, days, waiting, for the perfect one - not too far away, not too young, perfectly angled, and then you know, when you know, that he is the one. It is a sign, it is a gift. This deer is properly cared for and feeds us throughout the winter. My dad has always been against unethical hunting practices - feed traps and such - and has even reported those to wildlife management. There is something sacred with the relationship between us and deer, and to disrespect that relationship is dangerous. It reminds me of traditional hunting practices, and the beautiful technology of the arrowhead. So, we share that sacred relationship between us and our relatives of the Deer Nation, who provide us with critical sustenance. This item ships from the US.

  • The Black Obsidian with Gold Edge
  • 1.25" Long
  • Adjustable 16" gold necklace
  • by Jessica R. Metcalfe (Turtle Mountain Chippewa)