Porcupine Quill Wide Cuff (Prairie)

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This bracelet was made by Lakota artist Michael Red Cloud and features various designs made with porcupine quills.

The artist plucks, cleans, and dyes the porcupine quills before beginning the process of wrapping them to create the bracelets. Each is made with precise rows, tight wraps, and a neat back for superior quality. The cuffs measure .5" wide and 7" around. Adjustable to fit a variety of wrists and a comfortable fit. Vibrant colors with traditional Sioux designs. Whether this bracelet is a gift to yourself or someone special, it comes packaged in a BBB gift box with ribbon. This item ships from the US.

  • Unisex
  • 7" / Adjustable
  • Sturdy Metal Core
  • by Red Cloud (Lakota)