Diamond Plate Fashion Earrings

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This hand-fabricated set of earrings was created using diamond metal plate aluminum by award-winning artist David Gaussoin.

David Gaussoin comes from a long line of artists, including silversmiths, painters, rug weavers, sculptors, and wood workers. He creates wearable art for the body with gold, sterling silver, and various precious and semiprecious stones, as well as materials not necessarily associated with jewelry, such as steel and aluminum.

For the Beyond Buckskin Boutique, Gaussoin brings us a 'high street' collection of jewelry cut from diamond plated aluminum. Diamond plate is often used on stairs and catwalks in industrial settings (the added texture reduces the risk of slipping), but it is also used on the interior of ambulances and on the sides of firetrucks. While Gaussoin references the street, his pieces are clearly high fashion - this stuff belongs on the runway.

The Small set measures 3" x .5". The Medium set measures 3.5" x .5". The Large set measures 4.5" x .5". Price of shipping and handling included. This item ships from the US.

by David Gaussoin (Navajo / Picuris Pueblo)