Beyond Buckskin Lookbook


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Beyond Buckskin is proud to launch this high-quality book spotlighting Native American-made fashion as it has never been seen before. In this new and exciting book, 17+ designers represent the Northwest Coast, Southwest, Northern Plains, California, Plateau and Southeastern Native American adornment legacies in contemporary fashion designs that range from high end couture to casual streetwear, and accessories and a range of jewelry. Key participants of this book include the following individuals:

PHOTOGRAPHY by Anthony “Thosh” Collins (Pima/Osage)
ART DIRECTION by Bethany Yellowtail (Crow/Northern Cheyenne)
TEXT by Jessica Metcalfe (Turtle Mountain Chippewa)
DESIGN + LAYOUT by Victor Pascual (Navajo), DGTL/NVJO
MODELS Martin Sensmeier (Tlingit) and Blake Sisk (Osage)

Shot in the greater Los Angeles area, the book also demonstrates how Native style transcends space and time. Let's fill bookshelves, coffee tables, and libraries everywhere with this cool new version of Native style. Buy copies for your friends, daughters, sons, and relatives. See and experience it yourself and join us in celebrating Native American fashion designers and artists! It's a great time to be Indigenous. Click here to read more about the project. Each Lookbook comes with 5 free Beyond Buckskin stickers.

Artists --- Tammy Beauvais (Mohawk) --- Nanibaa Beck (Navajo) --- MaRia Bird (Navajo / Hopi / Santa Clara Pueblo) --- Caroline Blechert (Inuit) --- Kristen Dorsey (Chickasaw) --- Alano Edzerza (Tahltan) --- Etkie --- David Gaussoin (Navajo / Picuris Pueblo) --- Jamie Gentry (Kwakwaka'wakw) --- Autumn Dawn Gomez (Comanche / Taos) for The Soft Museum --- Mariah Gladstone (Blackfeet / Cherokee) --- Gourd Jewels (Hopi / Tewa) --- Candace Halcro (Cree / Metis) --- Charlene Holy Bear (Standing Rock Lakota Sioux) --- Sun Rose Iron Shell (Sicangu / Oglala Lakota) --- Lonna Jackson (Spirit Lake Dakota / Turtle Mountain Chippewa) --- Courtney M. Leonard (Shinnecock Nation) --- Darylene Martin (Navajo) --- Dustin Quinn Martin (Navajo) for S.O.L.O. --- Pamela Mattz (Hupa / Tolowa) --- Patricia Michaels (Taos) --- Neechie Gear (Cree) --- Jamie Okuma (Luiseño / Shoshone Bannock) --- Consuelo Pascual (Navajo / Mayan) --- Shaun Peterson (Coast Salish) --- LaKota Scott (Navajo) --- Dan Loudfoot Simonds (Mashantucket Pequot) --- Penny Singer (Navajo) --- David Sloan (Navajo) --- Topah Spoonhunter (Paiute / Northern Arapaho) for Two Dogs and a Bear --- Michele Sumner (Ojibwe) --- TSOul (Navajo) --- Sean Vosq (Luiseño) --- Nathalie Waldman (Dene) --- Adrian Wall (Jemez Pueblo) --- Virgil Whitman (Navajo) --- Kathy Whitman-Elk Woman (Mandan / Hidatsa / Arikara) --- Chenoa Williams (Pyramid Lake Paiute) --- JT Willie (Navajo) --- Jared Yazzie (Navajo) for OXDX --- Bethany Yellowtail (Crow / Northern Cheyenne) --- Holly Young (Standing Rock Sioux) --- Festival Summer --- BBB Unique Finds