World Tour Power Pow Wow T-Shirt Dress


This T-Shirt dress features a design by Sean Vosq (Luiseño), the owner of Vosq Clothing Co.

We hand tailor tees into longer shirt dresses in our shop located on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation. The process is simple yet effective - we take extra-large tees and bring them in on the sides to create a longer tunic top. These fit sizes Small to Large. Pair with your favorite leggings, jean jacket, or boots for a stylish look.

The artist explains the design: "This particular shirt design inspiration came while I was listening to The Black Keys and texting my homeboy Tim (2oolman) Hill from A Tribe Called Red about his upcoming tour schedule, and I began kicking around the idea of how cool it would be to design a concert tee around a worldwide powwow tour.

I am continually inspired by other SoCal artists and locals, who each share a natural creative expression that could only from from being in a place as enriching as Southern California, which has become a melting pot of countercultures like skate, surf, punk, and hip-hop."

  • Hot Pink and White on Black
  • Free US shipping
  • The mannequin measures 35"26"34",
    The measurements for the t-dress are: waist fits up to 30", bust fits up to 40", and hips fit up to 38". Length 31”.