Woodlands Sweetgrass Gift Set

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This beautiful gift set features 5 products from 2 different Indigenous-owned brands, making it an easy way to support Native-owned businesses. It is the perfect gift for someone special, or, an even better way to treat yourself.

$110 Value

- Sequoia Blackberry Sage Lotion, $28
Two ingredients that are widely used in herbal medicines, the Blackberry Sage Lotion combines the sweet and tart scent of blackberries and herbal tones of sage. Sequoia lotions are designed with fresh & natural ingredients. Organic olive oil, which is high in phytosterols helps to soothe damaged skin. This lotion will keep your skin thoroughly moisturized and smooth. 8oz

- Sequoia Cedar Handmade Soap, $14
The Sequoia Soaps bar soap features handpicked cedar. It is made with organic shea butter and organic castor oil, and contains no artificial colors, all while it hydrates dry skin. 4oz

- Sequoia Sweetgrass Tin Candle, $20
The Sequoia Soaps tin candle features a complex, fresh, grassy fragrance with a bit of a sweet note. Topped with handpicked Sweetgrass.

- Sequoia Sweetgrass Scrub, $18
This Body Scrub is a wonderful addition to your self care routine as it exfoliates and moisturizes your skin without leaving a greasy residue, featuring a beautiful grassy scent with just a hint of sweetness. 5oz

- Woodlands Zipper Pouch with Leather Tassel Pull, $30

This pouch features a remixed vintage photograph of an Ojibwe beaded panel. For centuries, Native people have passed on cultural knowledge of plants, flowers, and the environment through new formats. With a luxurious leather tassel pull, this is the perfect accessory. The durable pouch measures 6"x4" with an interior pocket and zip closure.