SaNoah Galactic Swirl Skirt (Medium)

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This skirt was handmade by Dillan Martin (Turtle Mountain Chippewa) and features three strips of blue, yellow, and black satin ribbon with a diagonal strip of light blue on the side, on a cotton skirt swirling with various blue hues and metallic gold speckles.

Pair with your favorite belt, top, and accessories.

Based on the traditional ribbon skirts of the Northern Plains Indian Tribes, these skirts are handmade with care and are specifically designed to be fashion-forward versions to be worn and appreciated by people of all backgrounds on all occasions.

It measures 38" long, and with an elastic waist band, it fits a size 30"-40" waist. This item ships from the US.

  • 30"-40" Elastic Waistband
  • 38" Long
  • Hand Constructed and One-of-a-Kind

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