Sacred Mountain Pendant with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise


This necklace pendant was handmade by Navajo artist Jeff DeMent.

He the meaning behind this design, he explains, "In my Diné (Navajo) culture, our traditional homelands are marked by four sacred mountains. It is within this area that we live our lives. Inside the mountains on the pendant, the circle represents life. For us, life begins in the East with the rising sun - Blanca Peak, the sacred mountain of the east, Sisnaajiní, “the dawn,” or “white shell mountain,” associated with the color white. As we learn and grow throughout our lives our circle goes around to the South - Mount Taylor, the sacred mountain of the south – Tsoodził, “turquoise mountain,” associated with the color blue. The circle of our life goes toward the West, San Francisco Peak, the sacred mountain of the west. – Dook’o’oosłííd, “the summit which never melts” or “abalone shell mountain,” associated with the color yellow. Toward the end of our life circle, we have Hesperus Mountain, the sacred mountain of the north – Dibé Nitsaa, “big sheep,” associated with the color black. The circle of life is open in the East, because that is where we enter and exit this Glittering World, on our journey through space and time. The opening in the circle also brings in the good and pushes out the bad, surrounding us with harmony. The compass rose, or star in the center of the pendant is there to guide us along our way, ensuring that we maintain direction and focus.

It is my hope this pendant will guide you in life and remind you to surround yourself with good energy in order to maintain harmony, as you journey through this world."

His work is hand-crafted using a traditional Diné (Navajo) technique called Tufa Casting that dates back to the 1800's; over 200 years ago. His original designs are hand carved into Tuff, a compressed volcanic ash commonly called Tufa Rock, to create a mold. He heats the mold and pour molten silver into it to form each piece. After annealing, the silver is hand cut, filed and formed. The Tufa molds are only used once, making each and every piece a true one of a kind.

The sterling silver pendant measures 2" long with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, and hangs on leather lace.

This item ships from the US.

  • 2" long
  • Adjustable leather lace
  • Handmade
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