Realities Tee

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This tee was designed by Jordan Bennett (Mi'kmaq).

Jordan Bennett is a Mi’kmaq visual artist from Stephenville Crossing, Ktaqamkuk (Newfoundland), who currently lives and works on his ancestral territory of Mi’kma’ki in Terence Bay, Nova Scotia, with his partner in life and art, Amy Malbeuf, and their son. Jordan's ongoing practice utilizes painting, sculpture, textiles, video, installation, public art, and sound to explore land, language, the act of visiting, familial histories, and challenging colonial perceptions of Indigenous histories and presence with a focus on Mi’kmaq and Beothuk visual culture of Ktaqamkuk.

"My artwork is rooted in customary Mi’kmaq visual culture, which is derived from and of the land. All aspects of my practice (such as shape, design, and colour) are a response and reflection of what I see and experience in nature and our contemporary world as L’nu ( a Mi’kmaq person), just as my ancestors' art (in quillwork, birchbark, ash, clothing, and stone) reflected their contemporary realities. I am very excited to be a part of this collaboration and to share a new story based on community, growth, birth, and a return to the earth with references to the stars, plant beings, dragonflies, rain, and sky. All aspects of this piece reflect Mi’kmaq land drawings and quillwork patterns." | Instagram @jordanbennettart

  • Multicolor on Yellow
  • Unisex sizing
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