Pipestone Arrowhead Amulet

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This necklace features a large hand-carved pipestone pendant strung on a long rich brown deerskin lace and accented with brass metal beads.

Pipestone is a type of red clay stone prized for generations by Plains Tribes for the sacred art of making ceremonial pipes that were used in trade agreements, in protecting war parties, and in prayer. During these uncertain times, we take comfort in timeless practices. In nearby Minnesota, the Pipestone National Monument has been visited and quarried since at least 1500 BC. Representatives from far-reaching Native Nations visited the region to extract this precious stone.

“Procuring the stone was so important that even warring tribes would put their conflicts on hold to work side by side at the quarries.”

These ethically-quarried amulets are polished with beeswax and hang on a soft adjustable deerskin lace. Wear around your neck, give to someone special, or hang in an accessible place. Each large pendant is unique. This item ships from the US.

  • 1.5" x 2.5" Pendant
  • Adjustable Necklace up to 30"
  • Unisex
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