Pawser Tufa Cast Earrings (Slice)

$165.00 USD

These extraordinary artistic asymmetrical earrings were handmade by Shandiin Wood (Diné/Seminole), a contemporary artist and a perpetual learner currently exploring the fine art of jewelry-making.

The silver earrings were made using the tufa cast method. Tufa is a porous volcanic stone found in New Mexico and Arizona that is easy to cut and carve. In the casting process, a design is hand-carved into tufa stone, creating a negative space where molten metal, such as silver or gold, can be poured. After casting, the piece is refined and embellished by hand.

Because of the texture of the earrings, they sparkle like glitter in the light. Outstanding and worthy of many compliments.They hang 1.25" long. Perfect for everyday wear and special occasions.

In all his work, Wood's designs are both organic and modern and draw inspiration from his extensive background in street art. 'Pawser' is an alias that allows Shandiin’s creative outlet to flourish.

Whether they are a gift for yourself or someone special, they come packaged in a jewelry box with ribbon. This item ships from the US. | @pawser_jewelry

  • 1.25" long
  • Sterling silver posts
  • Handmade

  • by Shandiin Wood (Navajo)