Paul Frank x Dustin Martin Tee (Unisex)

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This exciting collection presents a collaboration between Paul Frank and four Native American designers. Each of these designers present a unique style, informed and shaped by their relationships to their different tribes, communities, cultures and identities. This partnership allowed for this group of artists to share Native American historical legacies of creativity and tradition, while also blending the fun and colorful aesthetic that is Paul Frank.

The “Paul Frank Presents” fashion collection includes this tee by Navajo artist Dustin Martin. The tee brings forth traditional geometric patterns while incorporating the playful energy of the Paul Frank company and color palette.

About the design, Dustin explained, "My contribution to the line was built on the concept ‘Point Lips, Not Fingers.’ When I was growing up, my grandfather taught me it was rude to point fingers (literally and figuratively). So, like many Navajos who grow up on the rez, I learned that pointing my lips was a polite alternative to conventional hand gestures.

"The design I cooked up uses a cultural quirk (lip-pointing) to embed meaning and humor into the image and remind viewers of what sparked the collaboration. Graphic silhouettes of a Dine man and woman are met by Julius (Paul Frank’s signature brand character) lost on a hike through Native America. Their pointed lips show that the monkey’s childish curiosity has been met with patience and respect rather than gesticulating rudeness.

"Elsewhere in the design you’ll see the Paul Frank brand surrounded by (and integrated into) familiar ‘Native’ geometry. But these perfectly symmetrical shapes evolve into abstract fields of modern-looking angles. These jarring shapes imply new directions -- for thoughts, for friendships, for artistic traditions, for brands. Fresh trails can only be blazed with the help of patient and forward-thinking guides. These guides point lips, not fingers."

The tees are part of a limited edition capsule collection, and are produced in small quantities. Available in white and grey crew neck tees. Click here to learn more about Dustin Martin on his artist website. Click here to shop other great tees by Dustin on Beyond Buckskin. This item ships from the US.

by Dustin Quinn Martin (Navajo) for S.O.L.O.