Niio Blue Floral T-Shirt Dress


This T-Shirt dress features a design by Niio Perkins (Mohawk)

We hand tailor tees into longer shirt dresses in our shop located on the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation. The process is simple yet effective - we take extra-large tees and bring them in on the sides to create a longer tunic top. These fit sizes Small to Large. Pair with your favorite leggings, jean jacket, or boots for a stylish look.

The artist explains the design: "Creating raised beadwork is my way of honoring the unique gifts passed down through generations of Haudenosaunee (People of the Longhouse), and forging a legacy of cultural expression through design. Influenced by the beauty of ceremony and inspired by feminine energy, my creative aesthetic fuses traditional attire with a tough but dignified attitude for a distinctive look.

Interpreting deeply rooted cultural and spiritual motifs into treasured jewelry, clothing and accessories is a family specialty. Handmade in the heart of Akwesasne Mohawk Territory, my work showcases ancient Haudenosaunee symbols and raised beadwork techniques. 
Our designs are like stories, thoughtfully woven into our dress. In this way my creations hold certain power. They capture our personalities, desires and identity at this particular moment in time. They invite us to explore and honor what it means to be Haudenosaunee and Indigenous today."

  • Blue on Black
  • Ships from the US
  • Free US shipping
  • The mannequin measures 35"26"34",
    The measurements for the t-dress are: waist fits up to 30", bust fits up to 40", and hips fit up to 38".