Medicine Denim (XL)

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This lightweight denim shirt jacket features a design by Jaclyn Roessel.

“I AM MEDICINE” was designed as a reminder of how inherently powerful we are as bilá ashlaadíi, five-fingered people, to heal. “I am medicine, watch me heal” is a mantra offered to share the potential and agency we possess to transform everyday through healing. The heart of this design is the yucca plant which is used to purify and cleanse in many Diné ceremonies. The landscape is from a land formation in my home community in Dinetáh and the lightening bolts dancing on the horizon are integrated to offer protection of the wearer as they move through the world. My hope is folx feel reminded of their power every time they wear this design. I believe it is important to know we can choose to renew and cleanse continuously as the path of healing is not linear, it is a powerful journey we courageously venture onto.

The upcycled denim is ultra soft, lightweight, and the patch is hand sewn onto the back. Unisex with snap button closures and two front pockets. Button wrist. It measures 20" across the shoulders, 23" across the chest, and 31" long.

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