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Show your support for breastfeeding moms with these stickers by The Indigenous Milk Medicine Collective and Jackie Fawn!

Get all 3 for $12, or order this year's stunning artwork by Jackie Fawn for $5.

The Indigenous Milk Medicine Collective (IMMC) is a grassroots organization of Native women, two-spirit, and femme lactation providers, lactivists and supporters. We work to increase support and resources for Native first food experiences, to promote healing and wellness, and to push for access, opportunity, visibility and equity in Indigenous Milk experiences. IMMC sponsors Indigenous Milk Medicine Week (IMMW) held annually in August during National Breastfeeding/Lactation Month.

This year’s IMMW featured artist is Jackie Fawn.

"This illustration is for all those nursing and providing for the growing next generation. The butterfly nurses us all through pollination of our foods. We must protect our butterflies and their food sources. Being able to nurse in these unknown times has been powerful and healing for me as I didn't believe I could do it. But 16 months of nursing has given me the realization of our importance as life givers and our inherent duties to protect our home and pollinator relatives."

Artist Bio : Jackie’s illustrative work is recognizable by her depictions of strong indigenous femme warriors protecting the land, water, and people. As a first time mom, she is in the process of finding balance between family and Art.

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