Beaded Medallion Necklace (Headdress)

$450.00 USD

First off, wow.

This masterpiece necklace features a large beaded portraiture medallion made from tiny size 15 charlotte cut beads. It glistens at every angle. It measures a whopping 5" wide and is backed with smoked hide. This is a stunner that pays homage to our past, present, and future.

The necklace strap has been updated, and is made from white deerskin with 3.5" ivory hairpipe beads and brass metal beads. The length of the necklace is 40" and is adjustable. An amazing statement piece not to be missed. One of a kind. This item ships from the US.

  • 40" Adjustable Necklace
  • 5" Medallion
  • Unisex
  • Vintage

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