Beaded Medallion Necklace (Exquisite Rose)

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This spectacular necklace features a large rose design on an ivory white background. It is beaded with size 14 sparkling cut beads in dark burgundy, rich red, orange, with accents of yellow and green, and outlined with bronze gold.

The medallion measures 4.25" wide with an intricate edging and an additional 5.5" bottom fringe made of translucent green pony beads, translucent orange pony beads, cherry-red white heart beads, brass metal beads, ivory hairpipe, and cowry shells. Backed with smoked hide. The necklace measures 29" to easily slip over the head for wear.

One of a kind. This item ships from the US.

  • 29" Necklace
  • 4.25" Medallion
  • Unisex

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