Live Free

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This design was inspired by the Tribal Nations of North America. Each of these Nations had a unique view of the world. They each had their own language, culture, and religion. They all developed effective systems to care for their people and address the challenges we face in life. Unfortunately, these unique world views lead to their persecution. They had to fight to keep their people and their cultures alive. They did everything they could to preserve their worlds. All they wanted was to live life on their terms. All they wanted was to Live Free.

Topah Spoonhunter is an enrolled member of the Northern Arapaho Tribe and grew up on the Big Pine Paiute Reservation in Big Pine, California. With a formal education in business, his professional career has included work for non-profit organizations, local government, and various tribal governments. He is a self-taught artist and designer who is always looking for new challenges. Being a descendant of the Paiute and Arapaho tribes, one of his greatest sources of inspiration has been his culture. Topah believes that tribal cultures across North and South America not only offer valid ways of viewing the world, but have also developed effective methods of addressing the human condition. Topah's art is a reflection of this belief.

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