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1. Club/BB Tee: Native American T-Shirt of the Month Club: *SOLD OUT* June Tee: Dragonyfly by Tessa Sayers
"At the unexpected arrival of a dragonfly, pay attention, as you are being visited by a loved one. Our ancestors hear our thoughts. In order to get our attention, they will appear at precise moments to either reassure us of their calming presence or guide us toward the best path forward. Be mindful of that moment and what it could mean, as these visits are true gifts from our ancestors." Tessa Sayers is an artist, designer, holistic health devotee, and green living enthusiast. Follow her journey at | @soulcuriosity

2. Club/BB Jewelry: Native American Jewelry of the Month Club:
*SOLD OUT* June Box: Jingle Power Necklace celebrating Strawberry Moon
This necklace is inspired by an old jingle dress, made by Mary Bigwind from White Earth over 80 years ago. It features fire polished faceted beads alongside copper cones, and finished with deerskin lace straps. Each necklace features a different and unique color combination.

The jingle dress was borne out of sickness as regalia to accompany a healing dance learned through a vision. The older dresses featured engraved snuff can lids that were recycled and wrapped into cones: the sound they made, as well as the light they reflected, was reminiscent of water lapping on the surface of lakes. For Ojibwe people, and the originators of the dance, bodies of water were places of importance - journeymen offered tobacco to the water beings for a safe travel, fishermen did the same for a prosperous hunt. These lakes housed sacred spirits, who would offer us powerful gifts of copper in return. The worlds of the Human beings and the Other-than-human beings intertwined.

Designed by Jessica R. Metcalfe (Turtle Mountain Chippewa) and made in the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota, this necklace pays homage to these stories kept alive by our story keepers, our dancers, our artists, and our singers. Wear with love in your heart, and confidence in your stance. The ancestors of these lands continue to bless us.

3. Club/BB Deluxe: Native American Jewelry + Tee of the Month Club:


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