Tadidiin Necklace

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This necklace was made by Navajo artist LaKota Scott. It features 26 gauge lack, silver, yellow, orange, pink, maroon copper wire woven around black leather cord. Each piece of jewelry is a coil woven basket.
LaKota explains, "The technique I use is a mesh of watching family members make baskets growing up on the Navajo reservation and my affinity of using wire, which grew on me during a sculpture class in college. Each basket has its own characteristics and no two are exactly the same." Each tiny basket measures 1.75" in diameter and .5" in depth. It hangs on a 18” sterling silver chain necklace. This item ships from the US.
  • Handwoven
  • 1.5" in diameter
  • 24” silver chain necklace
  • LaKota Scott resides in Phoenix, Arizona but originates from the Navajo Nation. During her studies at Dartmouth College she majored in Native American Studies and Studio Art, focusing on sculpture and intaglio printmaking; using her mediums as a way to stay connected to and learn about her culture. Since graduating in 2011 she has continued to explore sculpture and printmaking, bringing together inspiration from family members’ artwork with her own mediums to create wire jewelry and prints.
    by LaKota Scott (Navajo)