Native Americans Discovered Columbus Tee (Maroon)

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Every year we celebrate the anniversary of Christopher Columbus's arrival to the Americas. Why? He was no hero. Let's flip this. Reconsider the story of discovery. Wear this tee to show your solidarity with Native Americans. "What represented newness of freedom, hope, and opportunity for some was the occasion for oppression, degradation and genocide for others." - National Council of Churches

This unisex tee was designed by Navajo artist Jared Yazzie for his company OxDx.
  • Standard unisex sizing
  • Soft Cotton Next Level tees
  • Printed in the USA
  • OxDx features designs that depict American Indian struggles, issues, and art. OxDx is strongly influenced by Native culture, street art, and music. This item ships from the US.
    by Jared Yazzie (Navajo) for OXDX