Hipsters in Headdresses Neckties


This necktie was designed by Nicholas Galanin (Tlingit/Aleut) for Dick Bernanin Menswear. It features the abstracted faces of hipsters in headdresses. The tie launched in conjunction with Galanin's "I Looooove Your Culture" exhibit in Vancouver and is sold exclusively through Beyond Buckskin Boutique.

Galanin’s work is a highly charged mix of beauty, material knowledge, politics and contemporary cultural representation. Navigating both the Native American art world as well as the contemporary global art world, Galanin continuously challenges the aesthetic and cultural perceptions of Native identity.

Lavender Necktie Details: White Ink on Lavender Standard Tie. 100% Polyester. Measures 57” x 3.25". All dryclean only, iron on low heat. This item ships from the US.

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