Double Parfleche Pendant Necklace (Coral)

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This necklace was designed by award-winning artist Jamie Okuma (Luiseño/Shoshone Bannock) and features designs inspired by traditional parfleche patterns.
A modernist version of the classical Native American parfleche containers of the 1800s, this double pendant necklace features two pendants in chrome to create an elegant homage to the original colorful traditional parfleche designs. The large pendant measures 3" long by 2" wide, the small pendant measures 1.5" long by 1" wide. They hang on a double rope necklace. This item ships from the US.
  • 2 Pendants
  • Double Necklace
  • Limited Edition
  • Okuma began working with beads as a child creating her own dance regalia for powwows near her home, on the La Jolla Luiseño Reservation. Historical accuracy, exemplary workmanship, and keen attention to detail are the hallmarks of her work. At the age of 22, Okuma became the youngest artist in the history of Santa Fe Indian Market to win Best of Show, which would become the first of her numerous Best in Show awards. She is now venturing into the exciting world of contemporary fashion.
    by Jamie Okuma (Luiseño / Shoshone Bannock)