Culture Censored Denim Jacket

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This one of a kind jacket features a design by Navajo artist Jared Yazzie for his brand OxDx and features a silhouetted chief's image.
Light wash denim jacket. This design is called "Culture Censored" and features a Native chief with his mouth covered and he appears to be dripping away. This is a piece against censorship of Native people, and our cultures and beliefs. Native voices are strong, and our traditions are stronger. Don't let people silence you. Even if you can't speak, speak volumes with this jacket. This item ships from the US.
  • Men's sizing
  • Light wash Denim
  • One of a kind
  • OxDx features designs that depict American Indian struggles, issues, and art. OxDx is strongly influenced by Native culture, street art, and music.
    by Jared Yazzie (Navajo) for OXDX