Native American Jewelry of the Month Club

$20/mo for 6 months **SOLD OUT**
$25/mo for 3 months

* Exclusive Styles, up to $50 value per month, free US shipping.
* Handpicked earrings, bracelets, necklaces and jewelry sets to keep or give.
* Learn and share about Native American cultures through info cards about the artists, materials, and meanings.

Your first box ships within 1-2 weeks. For following months, your box will be shipped the first 2 weeks of the month. Cancel anytime. Invitation to upgrade to VIP ($100 value) status after 6 months.

JUNE: Odemiini-giizis (Strawberry Moon)
Our beautiful June box is inspired by the Anishinaabe name for the month. It features a long dentalium shell necklace with three layers, and the shells are interspersed with fire polished glass beads in matte gold and deep garnet. Matching dangle earrings complete the set. These are made by the Beyond Buckskin crew in the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota. A $65 value.

JULY: Abitaa-niibini-giizis (Midsummer Moon)
Our exclusive July box will feature an unreleased elegant jewelry design by Ojibwe artist Tashina Lee Emery, who is one of our most popular artists. We are so excited to see what she will put together!

AUGUST: Mini-giizis (Blueberry Moon)
Our August box will be inspired by the rich color and healing properties of blueberries. You'll love what we have planned!