Native American Jewelry of the Month Club

$22/mo for 6 months
$25/mo for 4 months

* Exclusive styles, up to $60 value per month, free US shipping.
* Handpicked earrings, bracelets, necklaces and jewelry sets to keep or give.
* Learn and share about Native American cultures through info cards about the artists, materials, and meanings.

JUNE: Odemiini-giizis (Strawberry Moon)
This luxe box is a study in inspiration. I speak often about appropriation, appreciation, and inspiration, and through this box we show just how wonderful it can be to be inspired and share cultural meanings and stories with the world.


JANUARY: Gichi-manidoo-giizis (Great Spirit Moon)
Expensive. Rare. This box is a long time in the making! Featuring antique Russian blue trade beads. They traveled from Europe to the Pacific Northwest and were highly sought after. Now they are here with us in the form of timeless elegant dangle earrings.

FEBRUARY: Namebini-giizis (Sucker Fish Moon)
For our February box, we will debut our first box set that features rings - we love them!

MARCH: Onaabani-giizis (Crust on the Snow Moon)
For our 'Crust on the Snow Moon' box, we will feature a stunning deluxe version of our Glacier statement necklaces that will jazz up all your favorite outfits! Made with hand-cut leather in various colors and textures.

APRIL: Iskigamizige-giizis (Sugar Moon)
This month we honor the women who led the sugar camps that marked the beginning of Ojibwe communities coming back together in the early spring into larger groups for food production, ceremonies, and social events. We honor the women with these miigis (cowrie shell) bracelets. The shells were traditionally used in Medicine society ceremonies, but also in trade, and for adornment. These are gently dipped in 24k gold, silver, or rose gold for a modern and secular twist on the sacred item.

MAY: Waabigwanii-giizis (Flower Moon)
We are so excited to share our parfleche, handpainted floral tassel earrings with you! They are so pretty and perfect for Flower Moon Month.